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Whether you are building new and want to start with fresh, filtered water, or needing to retrofit to an existing home, each product is specifically designed to function for that situation.

Each filter has a ‘micron rating’. The smaller the rating, the finer the filtration process. But the finer the filtration, the easier it is to clog up. So, sometimes a range of filters is needed - each taking out a different grade of particle.
For example, 1 micron can remove Giardia, but not E-Coli.

So, it is vitally important to use a professional team when deciding on a product designed to filter heavy metals, chlorine, sand, sediment and other nasties from your water supply.

  • UV System

Water taste or smell.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters are used in a variety of situations. With these there are different micron ratings and addtion of KDF in some circumstance.

E-coli , Giardia, or other bacteria or Cysts

UV Treatment

Dependent on your water source from rain, bore stream or other -  we can recommend a solution for you.

Hard Water

Water Softeners

Hard water can be found in parts of the Manawatu, from rural bores and some town supply areas. Kelvin Grove & the Bunnythorpe area generally have hard water. 

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