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Mains Supply

If you are on mains water, most supplies will have gone through a rigorous cleaning system before reaching your taps. However, contaminants can remain and the fallout from these could range from the hard-to-clean water marks on showers, to the more personal concerns with skin irritations and respiratory problems.

Contaminants in mains water can range from heavy metals, calcium, chlorine and fluoride; the final mix is dependent on your individual water source and council’s treatment budget and facilities. Whilst these may not always be damaging to your health, the chemicals added to make it safe often come with an unpleasant taste or odour.

Not all areas are equal; some areas will have lower water qualities than others, even on mains supply. For more information on your supply and its compliance with standards, click here.

Rain Water

Fresh rainwater has been a great source of untreated water for years. The global environment is changing and contaminants never heard of fifty years ago are now common in our air and environment. As the rain falls, it dissolves carbon dioxide from the air which can make it slightly acidic. In extreme cases, this acid rain can be highly polluting – thankfully, New Zealand air is not at these levels.

During the water collection process, contamination from organic matter and materials from your roof/gutter may occur, including faecal contamination from birds or rodents, spray drift, or contaminants from chimneys to name a few. Bacteria present may include E-Coli (bird droppings), Salmonella and Campylobacter. Viruses such as Hepatitis A & B and Norovirus may be found.

Other - bore, river, creek, spring, dam

Having a water supply straight from one of these resources is a source of fresh, raw water, but the water is vulnerable to many damaging micro-organisms that can be harmful to your family’s health.

There can be undesirable levels of iron, manganese, Silica, and hardness, to name a few, and poor levels of pH found in this water.

Bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, and Giardia may be present in any compromised water environment.

How We Help

We are not here to hard-sell our water filtration products. We are all about solutions, & need to understand your individual situation and requirements.

  • We like to start with a Free of Charge on-site visit, to focus on the best solution for your situation.
  • If you are not on mains water, we will often suggest a free E-coli water test. Depending on your situation, the testing criteria may change (there is a charge for further testing). The water test is sent to a certified lab, and the results allow us to analyse your water supply and recommend the best system for you.
  • When it is time to replace an old filter(s) for new, we offer a replacement service. Replacement times vary from three months to 24 months, dependent on supply, sediment, flow, and manufacturers’ recommendations. Our technician will visit you, check the system is working as it should and that you are 100% happy, and replace the filter(s), UV bulbs, RO membranes etc for you. Alternatively, for the DIY person we can courier replacement filters to you, but our guarantee will only extend to the filter in this situation.

Need a FREE on-site visit and test?

  • Our experienced Technician will visit you at home & chat through your requirements. 
  • This will all then be sent to the laboratory for testing, and when we have the analysis complete, a detailed explanation and quote for the system that would best benefit you and your water will follow.
  • Our technician can then arrange a time that suits you to install your new system, and you can start enjoying better water for you and your family!

Just need a DIY test kit?

  • Request a DIY water testing kit from us.
  • Take a sample(s) of your water straight from the source
  • When we have the analysis of your water sample complete, a detailed explanation for the system that would best benefit you and your water will follow.
  • Our certified installers can then arrange a time that suits you to install. 

Have you had a Water Test done recently?

  • Please send this to us and detail any concerns you have via email, together with photos of your set-up where possible.
  • Include a copy of your recent water test.
  • Our technician can then arrange a time that suits you to discuss your new system, and you can start enjoying better water for you and your family!

Why Choose Better Water

  • We are part of trusted national service Aqua Filter, who has been providing quality products and peace of mind since 1994.
  • We are local to you, so you gain the knowledge and support from a trusted, friendly, home-grown company, who will understand your situation and your needs.
  • We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, which includes our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, allowing you peace of mind that you will be fully cared for and the best possible result achieved.
  • We use certified products; NSF, Watermark, WQA (Water Quality Association)

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