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About  Water

Water is a precious commodity.
The most precious for survival....
think about that.

Do you take your water supply for granted?

Only 2.5% of the world's water is drinkable, and of that 2.5%, only 1% is accessible.
The 1.5% which we can’t reach is frozen in glaciers and snow.
This means only 0.0003% of Earth's water is available to fuel 6.8 billion people.

What does that mean for you?

The water on which you rely to stay alive, wash your clothes, bathe in, water your vegetables, and much, much, more is not to be taken for granted. We should be looking after the water source we have and not wasting it or abusing it.

When you run a bath or fill a glass of water, do you ever think about the journey the water takes before it gets to your taps?

In New Zealand, we are lucky to have access to many rivers, lakes, and underground water sources.

About 50% of New Zealand’s water is pumped from underground. This water source can be contaminated by poor environmental choices, underground seepage from oxidation ponds or septic systems, and other nasty contaminants.

Water sources from rivers and lakes are often the most contaminated, especially after heavy rainfall. Faecal matter and other undesirables from birds or rodents or animals can be found in this water and may contain disease-causing micro-organisms.

What about the invisible elements to your water supply; some which may cause your water to taste ‘funny’, appear cloudy, or, more worrying, be hazardous to your health?

Water can contain heavy metals, which can build up in your organs, causing major health concerns (although many have no negative impacts at all and can pass through the body). Various harmful bacteria and viruses can also be present in our water supplies, which cause illnesses and stomach upsets. Young children, the elderly, and pregnant ladies are most susceptible to these dangers.

Your water is likely to have undergone treatment from a plant designed to make it safer and cleaner to pipe to your home by destroying any contaminants.

To do that, chemicals have to be added to the water supply, which may affect the taste, or the look of your water. Commonly, chlorine is used as a cleaning agent and is mixed with the water to kill any bacteria. Some people are particularly sensitive to the effects chlorinated water has on their skin and hair, and many dislike the taste of chlorine in their drinking water.

Water is great; much of our water is beautiful to drink and essential for life itself. The changing environment we live in does however add risk and concerns. At Better Water, we are all about removing those risks and concerns; we are about making better water for everyone.

Water is Life

Much has been made about the importance of drinking enough water every day, and for good reason. 

Water is life. You need water, and adequate amounts of it just to survive.

But more than that, water has many, many benefits for you and your health.

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