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We are part of the trusted, nationwide company Aqua Synergy.

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Better Water will help you make a difference

As part of the trusted, nationwide company Aqua Synergy, Better Water will help you make a difference by installing our world-leading Water Filtration and Purification products into your home and garden.

If you want total understanding of what comes out of your taps, and complete trust in a long-term solution to tasty, healthy water for you, your family, friends, or colleagues, then Better Water has the solution.

Whether you are residential or rural, big family or just two of you in your home, with our extensive range of products and committed knowledgeable team, you will be sure to find the answer to your concerns about your water.

Whether you want a Whole House system for healthy, soft water everywhere or an Under Bench filter for beautiful drinking water, we have a product that perfectly fits your situation and budget.

And when you work with us, you’re guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction – that’s our ‘Aqua Guarantee’.

If you want complete trust in a company with industry longevity, great people, excellent products, with a focus on the best outcomes for water quality, then give the team at Better Water a call today.

I have been your local Aqua Filter owner since February 2019, and before that I was a satisfied and loyal customer for over ten years. Better Water is your first step in making the change to your better water solution, so call us on 0800 800 938.

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Rob White, Owner

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