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Safe Drinking Water! 
Dont like the Taste or Odor?
We have Solutions.

We can sort it for you.

Water a bit tough on you?

Are you finding your tap water is hard on your skin, your hair, and your kettle? You could have softer hair, healthier skin, and a tastier cup of coffee

Cleaning taking too much of your precious time?

Do you spend ages scrubbing hard water spots off your shower glass? Get your life back by making cleaning a breeze

Frustrated the water tastes funny & smells?

Do you hate the taste of water from your tap? You could have beautiful drinking water

Is this safe for my family?

If you have water from rain, stream or Bore - there are some risks. Lets test your water to ensure no unpleasant health issues.

A full range of Products.

Locally based in Palmerston North.

The Team work to give you better water, provide safe water, and solve any concerns you have. Locally based in Palmerston North we cover the greater Manawatu & Rangitikei where every drop counts! We offer comprehansive after sales Service.

Remove all taste and odors.
Filters Work well!
UV - remove e-coli risk
Make your water safe.
Filters - all major brands
UV Treatment

Free site visit.

Advice & recomendations on the best solutions.

We will come to you for a free assessment

Products to suit your needs

“We have a Triple Stage Whole House system, and we love it!
The Family could taste the difference, and from the very first shower I could feel a huge difference in the softness of my hair, and the children’s.
Wish we had thought to do this years ago!”
Sarah Hayward, 

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Why use us?

  • We are part of a trusted national brand.
  • We are local to you, so you gain the knowledge and support from a trusted, friendly, home-grown company, who will understand your situation and your needs.
  • We offer local comprehensive after-sales service. We use certified products: NSF, Watermark, WQA (Water Quality Association)

Enjoy Life

Enjoy Water

We have a  Solution.


  • Is the visit really FREE?

    There is no charge for our technician to come and discuss your requirements. 

  • Why do we need a site visit ?

    Not for a standard service , we can have the correct replacements in the van with us.

    But for any new solution, we need to come and take a look as every customer has different bench, supply, tanks, space available, & problems they would like solutions for.

  • Do you have FRIDGE filters ?

    YES - all major brands. We can come and change these over for you.

  • Can you service all filtration systems?

    YES - all major brands. We can generally sort your problems even with some odd brands some clients have.

  • Do I have to buy from you after the FREE visit?

     There is no obligation to buy.

  • Are you LOCAL?

     Yes our total team is based in Palmerston North and covers the Manawatu and Rangitikei.

Please give us a call

When every drop matters. 

Mains, rain water or something else, whatever your supply, we have the solution.
Our water filtration and purifier products are a method of providing you with clean, beautiful water for all your indoor and outdoor household needs.

About us

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We sell an extensive range of products from Whole House (Point of Entry) through to Under Bench (Point of Use) systems with a focus on the residential and lifestyle markets.

All of our products are backed by our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction.